Courtesy Visit by Newcastle University, UK

On Wednesday 4 October, Prof Richard DAVIES, Pro Vice Chancellor of Newcastle University, UK, and Dr Elisa MILES, Head of Global Partnership, visited Dean Prof Nishimura and Prof Imazato. They were in Japan to attend the STS Forum and RENKEI Conference in Kyoto, and despite their busy schedules, they visited us early in the morning.

Since signing an inter-faculty academic exchange agreement with Newcastle University School of Dentistry in 2016 we have ongoing exchanges including joint research and student/researcher exchanges. During this meeting, views were exchanged on future collaboration and active discussions extended to organizing regular joint symposia, the exchange of undergraduate, postgraduate students and staff, and the acquisition of research funds. The two universities will continue discussions to implement these proposals.

As both universities are members of RENKEI, there are high expectations for a greater level of collaboration and exchange with the Newcastle University in the future, both within RENKEI and between the two universities.

Courtesy visit
Exchange of commemorative gifts after active discussion