1926  Dental Division was established in Osaka Prefectural
Medical School.
1931Osaka Prefectural Medical School became School of
Medicine Osaka Imperial University, and the Department of Dentistry was established in the following
1947Osaka Imperial University was renamed“Osaka University”.
1950The Dental Department was established in the School of Medicine.
1951Apr School of Dentistry consisted in 6 departments (Oral Anatomy, Oral Pathology,Dental
Materials, Operative Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics) with 30 students.
Professor Shigeie YUMIKURA became the Dean.
1952AprThree departments of Oral Physiology, Pharmacology and Orthodontics were established (a total of 9 departments).
1953AprThree departments of Preventive Dentistry, Endodontics and the Second Prosthodontics were established (a
total of 12 departments).
1953AugDental Hospital was founded.
Clinics for Operative Dentistry, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics and Oral Hygiene with 27 beds were established.
Professor Yasushi WATANABE was selected as Director-in-Chief of the Dental Hospital.
1954MarThe first 10 students graduated with DDS degree.
The first part of the hospital construction started.
1955JulDepartment of Oral Surgery 2 was established (a total of 13 departments).
Clinic for Oral Surgery 2 was established (a total of 8 clinics).
1956AprThe section C of the Hospital building was constructed(2,943 m2 ).
1959AprDepartment of Oral Biochemistry was established(a total of 14 departments).
1960MarConstruction of the Section B of the Hospital building
was completed (3,311m2 ).
AprEnrollment of student increased to 40.
The Graduate School of Dentistry for Ph.D. course was established (31 students).
Dental Technology Institute was founded..
1962AprPharmacy Division was established.
1963AprDepartment of Oral Biochemistry and Oral Hygiene
were renamed to Department of Biochemistry and
Preventive Dentistry, respectively.
1964AprDepartment of Oral Microbiology was established (a total of 15 departments).
1966AprEnrollment of student increased to 60.
Number of beds increased to 40.
MayConstruction of the Section A of the Hospital building was completed(5,034m2 ).
1969AprThe Second Department of the Oral Anatomy was
established (a total of 16 departments).
1970MarExtension of the Section B of the Hospital was completed (561m2 ).
1972MayDepartment of Oral Radiology was established (a total of 17 departments).
Clinic for Oral Radiology was established (a total of 9 clinics).
1973Apr.The Division for Maxillofacial Disorders was established.
1974Nov.The Central Research Laboratory was established.
1975Oct.Clinic for Pediatric Dentistry was established (a total of 10 clinics).
1976MayDepartment of Pediatric Dentistry was added(a total of 18 departments).
Division of Nursing was established.
1978OctClinical Laboratory was established.
1981AprDepartment of Dental Anesthesia was established(a total of 19 departments).
Student enrollment increased to 80.
1982AprClinic for Dental Anesthesia was established(a total of 11 clinics).
1983AugThe School and the Hospital moved to the new buildings at Suita campus.
1984  Feb The extension of the section A of the building was
completed(715m2 ).
1987DecFurther extending of the section A of the building was
finished(89m2 ).
1988AprDivision of Special Care Dentistry was founded in the
1989MarThe extension of the section A building was finished(252m2 ).
The Facility for the High Dose Radiation Therapy was
completed(292m2 ).
1990AprThe number of student enrollment decreased to 65.
1996OctCompletion of MRI-CT building(225m2 ).
1997AprDivision for Interdisciplinary Dentistry was established.
1999JunVice Director of the Dental Hospital was newly assigned..
2000AprGraduate School was reorganized into a two-major system.
I. Course for Integrated Oral Sciences and Stomatology(with
31 graduate students)
Division of Pathogenesis and Control of Oral Diseases
Division of Oromaxillofacial Regeneration
Division of Functional Oral Neuroscience
Division of Diagnostic Dentistry(Cooperating Department)
Division of Craniofacial Development Biology (Affiliating
II. Course for Molecular Oral Biology and Dentistry (with 24
graduate students)
Division of Oral Infections and Diseases Control
Division of Oral Biology and Disease Control
Division of Oral Developmental Biology
Division of Community Dentistry and Informatics (Co-operating Department)

School of Dentistry adopted a department system and established 15 departments.
2001AprEleven clinical Departments were re-grouped into
three Clinical Departments including Dental Diseases,
Division for Tooth and Supporting Tissues Disease
and Division of Prosthodontics and Orthodontics and
Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Disease.
2004AprNational University Corporation Osaka University was founded.
2006DecConstruction of the Section E of the Hospital building
was completed (4,813m2 ).
Construction of the Section F of the School building
was completed (5,854m2 ).
2007FebHospital Safety Management Section was established.
AprGeneral Dentistry Treatment Center was established.
2009AugResearch Center for Frontier Oral Bioscience was established.
2010AprCenter for Translational Dental Research was established.
2011AprThe number of student enrollment decreased to 53.
The “Challenge to Intractable Oral Diseases” Project started.
JulCenter for Frontier Oral Science was officially affiliated
to the Graduate School of Dentistry.
2012AprReorganization at the Graduate School of Dentistry 2
Courses were combined into a Course for Oral Sciences.
2013MarMain Entrance of Dental Hospital (652m2 )was renovated.
AprCenter for Cleft Lip and Palate Treatments was founded.
2015AprCenter for Global Oral Health was established.
2016SepAdministration Center for Dental Education was established
2017AprInternational station for Intractable Oral Diseases was established
2018AprCenter for Oral Cancer was established.
Center for Dental Implant was established.
Joint research chair : Advanced Functional Materials
Science was established.
Office of Strategic Innovative Dentistry was established.
JulJoint research chair : Advanced Oral Environmental
Science was established (until June 2021).
2020AprJoint Research Laboratory of Next-generation Science for Oral Infection Control was established.
2021AprCenter of Innovative Dentistry was established.
Joint Research Laboratory : Science for Oral and Systemic Connection was established.
Joint Research Division for Oral Data Science was established.
2022AprBioinformatics Research Unit was established.
2023MarSection C and D of the building were renovated.
2023AprReorganized 8 divisions in the Courses for Oral Sciences into 5 divisions and 23 departments for the purpose of promoting integrated research.