Statistics Data

Ⅰ. Number of Staff

Ⅱ.Graduate School / School of Dentistry

(1)Number of Students

①Graduate School of Dentistry

③School of Dentistry

③School of Dentistry

(2)Applicants and Enrollment Figures

①Graduate School of Dentistry

②School of Dentistry

(3)Results of National Board Dental Examination(last 5 years)

(4)Number of Graduates and Data

① Number of Graduates

② Post-Graduate Degree Data

③Post-Undergraduate Degree Data

Ⅲ.Dental Hospital

(1)Number of Patients



③Number of Patients on each Departments and Divisions

(2)Number of Surgical Operations

(3)Number of Clinical Laboratory Tests

(4)Number of Anesthesias

(5)Number of X-rays and Diagnostic Imaging

(6)Prescription : Number of Cases & Medicines Used

(7)Number of Items Handled in Dental Laboratory

※( ) the number of outsourced

(8)Number of Dental Chair Units

As of May, 2020

(9)Certification with Laws and Ordinances

(10)Number of Registered Residents

As of May, 2020

(11)Number of Trainees

As of May, 2020

Ⅳ.International Exchange

(1)Inter-School Agreements

As of May, 2020

(2)Number of International Students

As of May, 2020

Ⅴ.Research Grants

(1)Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

Stated in JPY(000s)

(2)Donations for Research and Others

Stated in JPY(000s)