Message from the Dean

Dean, Prof. Riko NISHIMURA

Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry was founded in 1960 (Showa year of 35), with our vision to be the preeminent innovator in dental and oral science. Under the Japanese government’s policies of focusing on graduate-level education, we were registered as one of the top schools to offer more international, integrative, academic programs in 2000. We aim to bring our academic institution to the next level in response to the ever-increasing demands from society and increased multidiscipline involvement and advancement achieved in dentistry. Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry is one of the world’s research core centers in the field of dental and oral medicine, aspiring to innovate prevention, diagnostics, and therapeutic, for example, in tissue regenerative medicine and preventative care that requires the latest biotechnologies.

Promotion of Innovative and Pioneering Dental Research

The Graduate School of Dentistry at Osaka University takes pride in its mission to lead dental research internationally. To meet these expectations, we are developing innovative and pioneering dental research based on cutting-edge life science research and biomaterials research. In particular, we actively incorporate the latest genome editing technology, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence technology, and material informatics to promote dental research and foster young researchers who will lead the next generation of dental medicine.

Driving Regenerative Dentistry and Realizing Regenerative Dentistry

In the past, dentistry mainly involved “gridding” and “extracting” teeth, in other words, removing the affected area of teeth. For a long time, regenerating teeth and periodontal tissues was considered extremely difficult. Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry has succeeded in developing the world’s first periodontal tissue regeneration therapy using the cytokine FGF2. Furthermore, we are working on the development of novel periodontal tissue regeneration therapy using adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal cells of the patients. As a center for regenerative medicine and regenerative dentistry, Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry leads the world in the field of regenerative dentistry in collaboration with the Osaka University Dental Hospital.

Accelerating Innovative Dentistry

Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry has established the Innovative Dentistry (ID) Strategy Office to promote industry-academia co-creation, society-academia co-creation, international leadership development, and strengthening international networks. We are accelerating Innovative Dentistry in order to efficiently link the results of dental research to social implementation. We are promoting drug discovery, the development of innovative dental biomaterials, the realization of Dental Digital Transformation, and the development of human resources to promote these activities.