Message from the Dean

Dean, Prof. Riko NISHIMURA

Osaka University School of Dentistry offers the highest standard of dental education.

Osaka University School of Dentistry was founded in April 1951 (Showa year of 26), as the first and the only dental school among the former Imperial Universities that was independent of medical schools. Since the foundation, Osaka University School of Dentistry has been committed to the highest standard of dental education, aiming to nurture leaders who will lead the dental community in Japan and around the world. Studying at the world-class Osaka University School of Dentistry will lead you to a bright future as an excellent dentist and dental researcher.

Dental medical education to understand the whole body from dentistry

In recent years, it has become clear that periodontal disease and dental caries are involved in the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of systemic diseases such as diabetes. In addition, poor oral hygiene conditions are often life-threatening, causing aspiration pneumonia and other diseases due to the deterioration of chewing and swallowing oral functions. Moreover, the opportunities to provide dental care to patients with underlying systemic diseases are increasing, and dentists who can understand the whole body are needed more than ever. In order to solve these issues, Osaka University School of Dentistry, since its establishment, has adopted a slogan of dental medical education with the whole body in mind and has also enhanced dental medicine with a focus on systemic diseases from the oral cavity.

The realization of Dental Medicine for the Science of Oral Health

Dental health care is undergoing a major transformation in Japan, which is now facing an unprecedented super-aging society. The dental treatment of the 21st century, including regenerative medicine, is required, in addition to the conventional dental treatment of “grinding,” “filling,” and “extracting” teeth. The School of Dentistry at Osaka University is now promoting the development of basic and clinical dentistry. In addition to basic and clinical dentistry, the School of Dentistry at Osaka University promotes the latest cell biology, molecular biology, embryology, genetics, and biomaterials to cultivate an understanding of dentistry at the level of genes, molecules, cells, and organisms, and to foster dental professionals and researchers who can develop advanced dental health care. Our goal is to cultivate dental professionals and researchers who are capable of developing cutting-edge dental health care and research.