Curriculum of Dental School

For Experiencing World-class Research and Acquiring Abundant Knowledge

Six-year Integrated Educational Curriculum

It is essential for students to acquire a wide variety of learning, including natural science, culture, and social studies, which are needed for character building as medical professionals. Needless to say, students must also gain expert knowledge and master skills. For this purpose, our school provides liberal arts and professional education as part of a 6-year integrated education program by taking advantage of our membership in a university. General liberal arts studies consist of general education and basic major subjects, and classes are held primarily at the Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice (Toyonaka Campus). Special knowledge and expertise courses are given as special education subjects by the School of Dentistry at the Suita Campus.

Acquire Accomplishments and Master Advanced Techniques

General education subjects from the first year to the first half of the second year consist of Liberal Arts General Education subjects, Language and Information subjects, First-year Seminar, and Health and Sports subjects. These classes provide for acquisition of integrated comprehension and perspective, further nurturing the well-rounded character of the student and enhancing a willingness to learn. Some of the major subjects begin just after entrance to the school. In parallel with the general education subjects, the Introduction to Dental Science I and II classes are open for first-year students to help prepare them before studying dentistry more intensely. Fundamental Life Science begins at the latter half of the first year, and lectures and laboratory exercises of General Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry start in the second year. A common Achievement Test is given during the fifth year, and General Practice is studied during the fifth and sixth years.

Educational Schedule

Accompanying Laboratory Exercises

Accompanying laboratory exercises are given from November to December of the third year, after all the basic subjects are completed. These are different from the lectures and laboratory exercises covered thus far, with all students divided into 9 classes of basic dentistry subjects, during which they experience research activity under the guidance of trained instructors. Through those exercises, the students come to recognize the significance and importance of research in the field of dentistry, and gain knowledge of oral science as a part of life science.

Common Achievement Test

The Common Achievement Test is held to enrich the General Practice sessions for the purpose of responding to the need of society for excellent dental practitioners. It is a national-based standard evaluation test of skill and aptitude, and is required prior to the General Practice sessions to secure a certain standard among the students. The test consists of the following two kinds of examinations:

  • CBT (computer-based testing): Comprehensive understanding of basic and clinical knowledge, as well as problem-solving abilities are evaluated by a computer-based objective test.
  • OSCE (objective structured clinical examination): Attitude and clinical skill needed for the General Practice sessions are evaluated by an objective structured clinical examination using standardized simulated patients and dental simulators.

General Practice

General Practice sessions are held during the latter half of the fifth year to sixth year. Under the guidance of instructor dentists, students come into contact with patients and learn basic knowledge regarding medical examinations, diagnosis, and treatment, along with necessary dental techniques. Furthermore, they learn how to respond to patients and acquire the basic attitudes needed to practice health care as future dentists. It is invaluable to understand physiological function and oral pathology, even for those who want to be researchers. Through these sessions, the realization and awareness of the students as dental practitioners or researchers come to fruition.