Outline and History of Dental School

Outline of Dental School

The school of dentistry was established in 1951 as the first institution among the national universities devoted to both education and research in dentistry. The basic educational program leading to the Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) Degree consists of approximately 1.5 years of pre-professional study and 4.5 years of study in the School of Dentistry.
The Osaka University School of Dentistry is not merely a place where future dentists are educated. It also stands at the “Frontier of Oral Science” where comprehensive study and education that transcend the boundary between basic dental science and clinical dental science are carried out.

History of Dental School

1926Dental Division was established in Osaka Prefectural Medical School.
19310saka Prefectural Medical School became School of Medicine Osaka Imperial University, and the Department of Dentistry was established in the following year.
19470saka Imperial University was renamed “Osaka University”
1950The Dental Department was established in the School of Medicine.
1951Apr.School of Dentistry consisting of 6 departments ( Oral Anatomy , Oral Pathology , Dental Materials, Operative Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics )was established with 30 students . Professor Shigeie Yumikura was appointed as the Dean.
1952Apr.Three departments of Oral Physiology, Pharmacology and Orthodontics were added ( a total of 9 departments).
1953Apr.Three departments of Preventive Dentistry, Endodontics and the Second Prosthodontics were founded (a total of l2 departments).
Aug.Dental Hospital was established.
Clinics for Operative Dentistry, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics and Oral Hygiene with 27 beds were established.
Professor Yasushi Watanabe was selected as Directorin- Chief of the Dental Hospital.
1954Mar.The first 10 students graduated with DDS degree.
The first part of the hospital construction started.
1955Jul.The 30-year special postgraduate program was launched.
The Second Department of Oral Surgery was founded (a total of 13 departments and 8 clinics).
1956Apr.The section C of the Hospital building was constructed(2,943 ㎡ ).
1959Apr.Department of Oral Biochemistry was founded(a total of 14 departments).
1960Mar.Construction of the Section B of the Hospital building was completed (3,311㎡ ).
Apr.EnroIlment of student increased to 40.
The Graduate School of Dentistry for Ph.D course was founded (31 students).
Dental Technician School was added to the School of Dentistry.
1962Apr.Pharmacy Division was founded.
1963Apr.Department of Oral Biochemistry and Oral Hygiene were renamed to Department of Biochemistry and Preventive Dentistry, respectively.
1964Apr.Department of Oral Microbiology was added(a total of 15 departments).
1966Apr.Enrollment of student increased to 60.
Number of beds increased to 40.
May.Construction of the Section A of the Hospital building was completed(5,034㎡ ).
1969Apr.The Second Department of the Oral Anatomy was founded (a total of 16 departments).
1970Mar.Extension of the Section B of the Hospital was completed (561㎡ ).
1972May.Department of Oral Radiology was founded(a total of 17 departments).
Clinic for Oral Radiology was founded (a total of 9 clinics).
1973Apr.The Division for Maxillofacial Disorders was founded.
1974Nov.The Central Research Laboratory was founded.
1975Oct.Clinic for Pediatric Dentistry was added(a total of 10 clinics).
1976May.Department of Pediatric Dentistry was added(a total of 18 departments).
Division of Nursing was established in the Dental Hospital.
1978Oct.Clinical Laboratory was founded.
1981Apr.Department of Dental Anesthesia was added(a total of 19 departments).
Student enrollment increased to 80.
1982Apr.Clinic for Dental Anesthesia was added(a total of 11 clinics).
1983Aug.The School and the Hospital moved to the new buiidings at Suita campus.
1984Feb.The extension of the section A of the building was completed(715㎡ ).
1987Dec.Further extending of the section A of the building was finished(89㎡ ).
1988Apr.Division of Special Care Dentistry was founded in the Hospital.
1989Mar.The extension of the section A building was finished(252㎡ ).
The Facility for the High Dose Radiation Therapy was completed(292㎡ ).
1990Apr.The number of student enrollment decreased to 65.
1996Oct.Completion of MRI-CT building(225㎡ ).
1997Apr.Division for Interdisciplinary Dentistry was newlynominated.
1999Jun.The vice-director of the Dental Hospital was founded.
2000Apr.Following an establishment of the Graduate School, all the Departments in the Dental School were grouped into the two joint organizations in the Graduate School.
I. Course for Integrated Oral Sciences and Stomatology(with 31 graduate students)
     Division of Pathogenesis and Control of Oral Diseases
     Division of Oromaxillofacial Regeneration
     Division of Functional Oral Neuroscience
     Division of Diagnostic Dentistry(Cooperating Department)
     Division of Craniofacial Development Biology (Affiliating Division)

II. Course for Molecular Oral Biology and Dentistry (with 24 graduate students)
     Division of Oral Infections and Disease Control
     Division of Oral Biology and Disease Control
     Division of Oral Developmental Biology
     Division of Community Dentistry and Informatics (Cooperating Department)
Following an establishment of the Graduate School, all the Departments in the Dental School were recategorized into 15 Departments in the Graduate School.
2001Apr.Eleven clinical Departments were re-grouped into three Clinicai Departments including Dental Diseases, Division for Tooth and Supporting Tissues Disease and Division of Prosthodontics and Orthodontics and Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Disease.
2004Apr.National University Corporation Osaka University was established.
2006Dec.Construction of the Section E of the Hospital building was completed (4,813㎡ ).
Construction of the Section F of the School building was completed (5,854㎡ ).
2007Feb.Hospital Safety Management Section was founded.
Apr.General Dentistry Treatment Center was founded.
2009Aug.Research Center for Frontier Oral Bioscience was founded.
2010Apr.Center for Translational Dental Research was founded.
2016Sep.Administration Center for Dental Education was founded.