Advanced Functional Materials Science

Advanced Functional Materials Science was established in 2018 as the first industry-academia joint research laboratory in the Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry. In this laboratory, development of innovative bio-active/bio-functional dental materials for future dentistry is conducted by an intensive collaboration with a dental manufacturer.

ProfessorSatoshi IMAZATO
Assistant ProfessorHaruaki KITAGAWA
Specially Appointed Assistant ProfessorGabriela L ABE
Visiting Academic StaffTomoki KOHNO
Specially Appointed ResearcherXiao LINGHAO

■ Research Topics

1. Development of “smart” dental bioactive materials

Development and commercialization of novel dental materials to exhibit bioactive functions in response to oral environmental change or the stage of tissue healing

2. Development of novel materials for dental regeneration therapy

Development and commercialization of membranes and bone substitute with the ability to control infection or promote tissue regeneration

3. Development of antibacterial materials for restoration and disease prevention

Development and commercialization of resin composites, adhesives, and coating materials incorporating antibacterial monomers/ polymers

4. Evaluation of anti-biofilm effects using an original bioreactor

Evaluation of anti-biofilm effects of various dental materials using originally designed bioreactor with the ability to reproduce oral biofilm formation

Laboratory of Department of Advanced Functional Materials Science (AFMS)
Original bioreactor constructed by AFMS