Advanced Oral Environmental Science

 Joint Research Chair: Advanced Oral Environmental Science was established as one of the joint programs of the Research Alliance Laboratories in July, 2018. For this research program, based on the concept “Sanitation・Environment・Health”, we aim at improving oral environment beyond the boundaries between the university and company. We work hard for the achievement of a goal to study our product development and maintenance methods for the oral cavity in order to create a good oral environment.

ProfessorAtsuo AMANO
Associate ProfessorMasae KUBONIWA
Specially Appointed ResearcherMiho KAKIUCHI
Visiting ResearcherYoshihiko HIRATA
Visiting ResearcherReiko MATSUMURA
Visiting ResearcherHiroki MURAI

Research Content

 We are conducting research and development on oral maintenance methods and our own products with the aim of achieving a good oral environment.

Our research objectives :

・To analyze the properties of natural materials (antibacterial effects/anti-inflammatory effects, etc.).

・To identify common factors for maintaining better oral environment through analysis of diverse oral environments.

・To develop new products to maintain a better oral environment, and to examine the uses in which these new products will be most effective.