Center for Frontier Oral Science

 Center for Frontier Oral Science was established in 2009 as a research center for basic and clinical oral science in response to the necessity of advancement of education and research in the field of oral health science, and reorganized and upgraded to a research institute attached to Graduate School of Dentistry in 2011.
Our mission is a dedication to research on oral science to contribute to the development of innovative research with looking at the future and applying the results of our study to advanced medical treatment in the 21st century.

DirectorTakeshi NODA


 Center for Frontier Oral Science is composed of two branches; Frontier Research Branch and Research Support Branch. Frontier Research Branch has been conducting 18 public-offered departmental-interactive researches in regard to the following three projects that are the commitment of Graduate School of Dentistry.

  1. Research project for “living better”
  2. Research project for “having a better life”
  3. Research project for “eating better”