Dept of Oral Cellular Biology

 Department of Oral Frontier Biology was established in April 2000 as an exclusive department to Graduate School with the purpose of promoting Graduate School education and research. Under Professor Takeshi NODA, selected members are dedicated to carrying out their basic research.

ProfessorTakeshi NODA
Associate ProfessorNobuo OKAHASHI
Assistant ProfessorShintaro KIRA
Assistant ProfessorYasuhiro ARAKI
Assistant ProfessorYouhei YAMAMOTO
Assistant ProfessorLU Shiou-Ling

■ Major Research Topics

 In May 2012, professor Takeshi Noda took up his new post in the department of Oral Frontier Biology. We are now constructing novel research team to elucidate the basic mechanism of periodontal disease from the light of cell biology. Especially, intracellular degradation system termed autophagy is the keyword in this department. Autophagy is involved not only in basic cellular homeostasis but also in the host-bacterial interaction. By taking advantages of these cell biological approaches, we will build new avenue to better understand the microenvironment inside the oral spaces.

■ Other Topics

 The third floor of Research Building of Oral Science has Department of Oral Frontier Biology and also Central Research Laboratory where advanced experiments are carried out with cutting-edge research equipment.
We have been working to our aim to develop dental medicine not only for providing treatment to patients in ad but also for creating unprecedented patient-friendly treatment by applying our stated-of the –art bioscience research outcomes.