Center for Global Oral Health

Center for Global Oral Health

DirectorTakashi YAMASHIRO
Vice DirectorShinya MURAKAMI
Vice DirectorMikako HAYASHI

Advanced dental treatments provided by Osaka University Dental Hospital has been highly recognized both in Japan and abroad.
Many foreign dentists are willing to learn advanced technology and skills at our hospital. In this global world, people are frequently moving beyond boarders. This stream directly reflects in medical fields as well. Current globalization requires close relationships with international medical institutions more than ever.
In order to promote those efforts in our hospital, the Center for Global Oral Health has been launched since 2015. The Center offers assistance and provides information for international patients, scholars and dental professionals on such matters as hospital procedures, as well as advanced clinical training, research activities. In addition, we strive to build up our efficient system and promote communication with international dental institutions for smooth patient transfers.

■ Focusing on the following issues

  • Consistent support for the non-Japanese patients in Japan and from abroad
  • Multilingualization of various documents and signs & notices in the hospital
  • Fostering world-class dental professionals
  • Promoting cooperation among government, industry and academia
  • Others miscellaneous related to global oral health