Center for Oral Cancer

Center for Oral Cancer

Traditionally, oral cancer treatment at Osaka University Dental Hospital was in charge of not only oral and maxillofacial surgery, but also a wide range of treatment organizations such as oral and maxillofacial radiology and anesthesiology department, chewing, swallowing and speaking rehabilitation, jaw prosthesis, implant treatment, and many experts, such as oral pathologist, pharmacist, nurse, nutritionist, social worker, etc. However, since there are many medical departments and specialists involved in this treatment and rehabilitation, information concentration is not sufficient, and It was difficult to perform an efficient treatment and keep a highly safe medical care. Therefore, at this time, we installed an intensive treatment center for oral cancer at our hospital to establish quality and safety improvement of oral cancer treatment. This center has oral cancer treatment system suitable for dental hospital in western Japan only at national university. At this center, not only can comprehensive oral cancer therapy making full use of the characteristics of the dental hospital, but also improve medical safety, promote collaborative research, and enhance comprehensive dental specialized education.

DirectorNarikazu UZAWA
Vice DirectorMikihiko KOGO
Vice DirectorShumei MURAKAMI

■Contents of treatment

〇Standard treatment

Standard treatment for oral cancer is surgical treatment. However, resection of the lesion causes various dysfunctions. By resection, oral function such as swallowing / chewing · speech is obstructed, social and aesthetic damage will also increase. However, by performing reconstruction surgery to transplant the tissue from the other parts of the body to the defect part, it becomes possible to suppress the function disorder as much as possible. Also, by taking close cooperation with specialists in charge of swallowing rehabilitation and occlusal restoration before surgery, efficient rehabilitation and functional recovery becomes possible and the hospitalization period can be shortened.

〇Treatment aiming for complete recovery without resection: radiation therapy (Brachytherapy and IMRT), superselective intra-arterial chemotherapy etc.

Some patients with oral cancer are always willing to accept standard treatment. Even in such cases, the center also combines chemotherapy and radiotherapy to focus on treatment that aims to preserve function and morphology.

〇Treatment plan with a view to restoring function preoperatively: swallow rehabilitation · jaw prosthesis

At this center, it is also possible to achieve efficient and effective rehabilitation, early recovery of functions by taking close cooperation with the specialists of swallow rehabilitation and jaw prostheses which are mainly active after the operation.

〇Treatment not giving up to the end: Boron neutron capture therapy · Thermotherapy etc.

In this center, in cooperation with other related institutions, we can do treatment that does not give up on any stage of oral cancer. Even in the absence of an effective treatment method due to recurrence, metastasis, etc., We will have to take into account sufficiently the patient’s wishes and quality of life and offer various treatment options in cooperation with other facilities.


post treatment by superselective intraarterial chemotherapy