Dental Technology Institute

Characteristics of the education provided:

  1. Educational standard designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
  2. Educational system consisting of specialized subjects from basic to clinical studies given by the teaching staffs of the School of Dentistry.
  3. Cultivation of skills and character of future dental technicians through actual experience with a team approach for dental practice.
  4. Development of human resources to provide the ability to play specialized roles through education related to maxillofacial physiology and stomatognathic diseases.
  5. Development of human resources to gain international sensibility and a wide vision through education related to information processing and social studies, as well as overseas training.
  6. Cultivation of technicians with digital dental technology through the CAD/CAM education.

General Outline of the Institute

The Dental Technology Institute was established in April 1960 as the first national school for dental technicians in western Japan as an attached institute of Osaka University, with a stated purpose to train high-caliber dental technicians. At that time, junior high school graduation was the requirement for admission and the course was completed in 3 years, with 20 students enrolled in each grade. In accordance with the revision of the Rules for Designation of Schools for Dental Technicians in 1966, high-school graduation became the requirement for admission. At the same time, the course term was shortened to 2 years and great changes were made in the subjects taught. In 1975, the Outline of Education for Schools for Dental Technicians was revised to establish the current educational course, which puts emphasis on technical learning in association with progress in dentistry. Thus, education for dental technicians has become well developed over time.
For the purpose of taking proper measures to upgrade schools in the “Miscellaneous” category of the educational system, the Ministry of Education established the Higher Vocational School System in January 1975. With this system, rules have been set in regard to terms and course loads. Moreover, the number of teaching staff, area of school land and buildings, and curriculum outline were standardized to ensure a proper educational environment and standards for vocational schools. Our Institute was authorized as a higher vocational school under Article 82 of the School Education Law and registered as Osaka University School of Dentistry Dental

Number of Students

As of May 2020

Technology Institute, Specialized Dental Technician Course, Division of Dental Technicians, in April 1976. In July 1983, the Institute moved from Nakanoshima Campus to the Suita Campus together with the School of Dentistry and Dental Hospital, in accordance with the Osaka University campus integration plan. With this integration, the Institute has formed closer ties with the School of Dentistry and Dental Hospital, and enriched educational facilities have become available. Needless to say, dental technicians are technical experts who obtain a license from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to engage in manufacturing, repairing, and processing prosthetic appliances, restoratives, and orthodontic devices needed for dental care under the instructions of dentists. It is an important profession that plays a vital part in dental health care. Although the institute has only 20 students enrolled in each grade, the number of graduates has reached 1028. Many of them are engaged in education as the instructors in schools for dental technicians, and play important roles in dental health care in the hospitals, especially in hospitals affiliated with dental school, private dental clinics, dental laboratories, and dental manufacturers in Japan and worldwide.