Nursing Department

DirectorYukari KUMAGAI
Vice DirectorYumi HIRAI

Our efforts

Since reaching the standard nursing deployment rate of 7-to-1 and being accepted for application of the basic hospitalization rate in 2006, we have consistently provided a safe and secure nursing system for our patients. In addition, our specialized staff, such as GRM (general risk manager), ICN
(infection control nurse), and nurses certified for managing dysphagia, are vigorously supporting the medical treatment and care of patients in cooperation with other medical teams. As a means of support for the career development of our staff, we have introduced a clinical ladder system,
including one specialized for oral care. Moreover, as an educational facility of Osaka University, we provide integrated training for nursing students and admit dental hygiene students as trainees as part of our educational role.

Nursing we aim to achieve

Our passion is to provide high-quality medical treatment specialized for oral care. For this purpose, we are training specialists in medical treatment and nursing care, and also strengthening our career development support system for the self-fulfillment of our staff. It is our delight to see the smiling faces of our patients, thus our goal is to provide nursing care based on respect for human life and dignity.