Oral Data Science Division

ProfessorMikako HAYASHI
Associate ProfessorKazunori NOZAKI

 Considering the state of oral health care in a future society such as SDGs and Society 5.0, there is a need to quantify various medical practices, accumulate them as digital data, and utilize them.

 The Oral Data Science Division will play a role in the Oral Digital Transformation (ODX), which aims to digitize all things related to medical practices for diseases in the oral field. Specifically, we are conducting research and development of an AI chair unit as an industry-academia collaborative project, myDentalAI, to improve convenience for healthcare professionals and safety for patients during medical treatment. The department staff consists of eight members: six faculty members (two concurrently serving as faculty members and four invited researchers) and two specially-appointed researchers.

 The AI chair unit is currently installed only in special examination rooms, but is planned to be deployed in more examination rooms in the future. By spreading the use of this AI chair unit, we hope to realize safe and secure sharing of medical information and promote the realization of ODX by having it effectively used for clinical research, education, and the development of new AI.