Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 1 (Disease-Control Unit)

We have acted as clinically and academic pioneering facilities in the field of oral surgery under the guidance of Professor Mikihiko Kogo, who took over as the Professor after Professor Nagai (the first professor), Professor Miyazaki, and Professor Matsuya.The Department of Oral Radiology separated in 1972, and the Division for Oral and Facial Disorders separated in 1985, and the name of our department was changed to Division of Pathogenesis and Control of Oral Disease (The First Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery), along with Department of Dentistry’s making to graduate school in 2000. The spirit of the department has not changed since the establishment, and has been succeeded by the present department members.

Chief of Outpatient ClinicYusuke YOKOTA
Chief of Inpatient WardEmiko ISOMURA

■Contents of diagnosis and treatment

In recent years, demands for dental therapy are rising, and it is expected to develop dentists which can fulfill the demands.In our department, we train dentists to be oral surgeons which can also do dental therapy in a broad context.
Specifically our critical concept in the treatments is consisted of not only the specialized knowledge about oral surgery, but also greater understanding about general dentistry and medicine.
We cooperate with many specialized treating departments in our institution and other medical facilities to achieve out goal.
We also work on treating cleft lip and/or palate patients, malignant tumors, jaw deformities, and maxillary fractures. The best treatment for each patient is done.
About 120 primary cleft lip and/or palate patients and 150 patients with jaw deformities come to our department each year, and more than 1000 patients of malignant tumors and 2000 maxillary fractured patients has come so far. The treatment methods are being improved, and are used for best treatments.
There are about 1500 cases a year of impacted wisdom tooth extraction, which is a very common treatment in oral surgery.
In addition, our division is an authorized training facility for oral and maxillofacial surgery specialists, registration authority of Japanese Society of Oro-Facial Neuronal Function, registered training facility of Japanese Board of Cancer Therapy. The instructions needed for the specialist qualification are provided.