Division of Quality and Safety Management

DirectorNarikazu UZAWA
Vice DirectorTakayoshi SAKAI
General Risk ManagerHaruhisa FUJITA
General Risk ManagerMari NAMIKAWA
General Risk ManagerRyosuke TANAKA

Activity Content

As public concerns about medical safety are increasing, Osaka University Dental Hospital set up a Division of Quality and Safety Management in 2007.
Since then, hospital staff including dentist, nurse, pharmacist, radiology technician and administrative staff have been cooperating in the effort to advance the quality and safety of dental treatment for patients.
Based on the premise that “To error is human-anyone can make a mistake,” the following activities are conducted with the aim of ensuring the quality and safety of medical care through systematic efforts to prevent medical accidents.

Our efforts

1) Maintenance of quality and safety control manual and Keeping every staff informed about the manual
2) Assignment of a full-time General Risk Manager and Risk Managers in individual departments, divisions and wards
3) Holding workshops on quality and safety management twice per year
4) Collection of accurate information about incidents and analysis of their causes
5) Information-sharing by the publication of incident reports (about incidents that happened in the hospital, and about strict rules for quality and safety control)
6) Organizing inspection tours and 5S action and Announcing an overall picture and direction of measures in the hospital
7) Development of patients-participatory medical services