Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics

 Our clinical team diagnoses and treats diseases in teeth and periodontal tissue with an aim of encouraging maximum preservation of them. Removing courses of the diseases and restoring the morphology and function of teeth enable to maintain healthy oral and body conditions.

HeadMikako HAYASHI
Vice HeadShousaku ITOH
Chief of Outpatient ClinicShousaku ITOH
Chief of Inpatient WardYusuke TAKAHASHI

■Medical cares

① Diagnose and restore dental caries:

 We restore the morphology and function of teeth by using resin composites, metallic and ceramic materials after removing infected tissue in a cavity with maximum consideration of protecting dental pulp.

② Treat discolored teeth:

 We achieve optimal dental esthetics for discolored teeth by whitening or laminated veneer with resin composites or ceramics.

③ Treat dentin hypersensitivities:

 We diagnose and treat dentine hypersensitivity, which reacts to cold and hot stimulus in spite of no cavitation.

④ Diagnose and treat pulpitis:

 When a deep caries expands into dental pulp and causes sever pain, such pulp needs to remove in order to relief from the pain. We remove pulp tissue with inflammation and fill the root canal with modern materials.

⑤ Diagnose and treat periapical periodontitis:

 Once a root canal is infected with oral bacteria, occlusal pain, gum swelling and pus discharge might occur. In such a case, we recover a sound condition by removing invaded bacteria from an infected root canal. In a refractory endodontic case, sometimes, surgical treatment is applied, where an infected root tip is removed followed by filling with dental cement at the front of residual canal to prevent outflow of contaminant from the canal.

⑥ Treat fractured teeth:

 We try to preserve fractured teeth, which are previously extracted, as much as possible. Once we extract the fractured tooth, and we return it in place after adhering the fracture sites (re-plantation).

⑦ Treat marginal periodontitis:

 When inflammation is initiated at the periodontal tissue (gingivitis or periodontitis), we control inflammation by eliminating the source of infection with an aim of keeping the longevities of the teeth.