Joint Research Laboratory for Oral and Systemic Connection


 Large-scale and long-term analyses will be performed to investigate correlations between the oral environment and systemic condition by targeting patients with diseases affected by oral bacteria known to cause periodontal disease related to dental caries. Based on the obtained results, the effects of oral bacteria on systemic diseases will be examined from both research and clinical points of view. It is anticipated that the results obtained will help to raise awareness of the importance of improving the oral environment for control of systemic disease.


ProfessorKazuhiko NAKANO
Associate ProfessorRena OKAWA
Specially Appointed Associate Professor (Lecturer)Saaya MATAYOSHI
Visiting ResearcherNaoto ITOH
Visiting ResearcherTaro MISAKI

■ Research topics

1. Effects of mouthwash on periodontal pathogens and diabetes markers in patients complicated with diabetes mellitus

2. Effects of mouthwash on periodontal or caries pathogens and systemic condition in patients complicated with chronic kidney disease