Division of Special Care Dentistry

We provide dental care for mentally and physically handicapped patients who have difficulties in adjusting to ordinary dental health care.

DirectorShigehisa AKIYAMA
Chief of Outpatient ClinicJumpei MURAKAMI

■Special Care Dentistry

Along with increasing attention to oral health and hygiene in society, the need for prevention and treatment of dental diseases is also growing for individuals with mental and physical disabilities.At Osaka University Dental Hospital, the Division of Special Care Dentistry plays a central role in providing consultation, prevention, and treatment of dental diseases for individuals with special needs. We offer dental services for all ages without regard to the type or degree of disability. In cooperation with a variety of internal and external organizations as well as our own staff, we are also engaging in development of human resources for health promotion, welfare, and medical care.
Our hope is to support such patients to promote the quality of their daily life, and full participation and equality in society.
For this purpose, our first priority related to their independence is provision of preventive dental health care, including tooth cleaning.
Our services include:
・Prevention of dental caries and periodontal diseases, mainly by dental hygiene instruction.
・Dental treatment for people with special needs.
・Prevention and treatment of drug-induced gingival overgrowth.
・Treatment of dental diseases associated with a variety of disabilities.
・Oral hygiene management, including a recall system.

We are involved in treatment and research of gingival overgrowth induced by agents such as anti-epileptic drugs or antihypertensive medications.
We also perform dental treatment under general anesthesia for those with dental phobia or varieties of difficulties when presented with dental treatment.