Pharmacy Department

DirectorRyuta URAKAWA

Contents of Pharmaceutical Services

  1. Dispensing and Preparation
    We perform dispensing of internal and external use medications, injectable drugs, as well as preparation of anticancer agents and in-hospital formulations.
  2. Pharmaceutical Information Management
    We collect and manage pharmaceutical information and provide it to medical staff.
  3. Pharmaceutical Management
    We manage the inventory and quality of pharmaceuticals within the hospital.
  4. Medication Management and Guidance
    We explain medication to patients and evaluate pharmaceutical treatment.
  5. Inpatient Pharmacy Services
    We have dedicated pharmacists for ward, who propose prescription designs and provide information to medical staff.
  6. Team Medicine
    We actively participate in team medicine such as Cancer Board, NST, ICT, palliative care teams.We are committed to education and research, actively conducting education for pharmacy students, staff development, and
    clinical research related to pharmaceuticals.