Restorative Dentistry and Endodontology (Department of Restorative Dentistry and Endodontology)

 Our research interests center on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases in the area of Conservative Dentistry, as well as scientific observation and analysis of their clinical pathosis. The technologies we employ are based on many different fields of dental science including microbiology, molecular biology, and dental materials science. We are continuing to pursue the investigations which are relevant to the topics of world wide interest, and maintaining the coherent programme of research which include collaborations with other institutes in Japan and in the foreign countries.

ProfessorMikako HAYASHI
Associate ProfessorShousaku ITOH
Associate ProfessorYusuke TAKAHASHI
Associate ProfessorJun OHSHIMA
Associate ProfessorTomomi YAMADA
Associate ProfessorYoko ASAHI
Associate ProfessorHazuki MAEZONO
Associate ProfessorMotoki OKAMOTO
Professor(Supplementary Assigment)Shigeyuki EBISU

■ Research Topics

Formation mechanisms and effective control methods of dental plaque as oral biofilm

 We are studying to develop the new chemical control drugs against oral biofilm including extraradicular biofilm, which is difficult to remove by mechanical control methods. Recent our discoveries have clarified that some of macrolides and quorum-sensing related materials show an anti-biofilm activity

Development of strengthening methods of dentin by heating or UV irradiation

 We hypothesized that human dentin can be strengthened by stimuli such as heating or UV irradiation, which may help prevent fracture of non-vital teeth after restoration. We found that dentin strengthened by UV irradiation retains strength after rehydration because of chemical changes in collagen.

Development of the purification method for mesenchymal stem cells

 Cells composing of dentin-pulp complex are originated from mesenchymal stem cells. Thus, it is very important to purify this stem cell population. But, so far, nobody succeeded to purify pure mesenchymal stem cells. Our project goal is to develop the novel purification method for mesenchymal stem cells and apply these stem cells for the regenerative medicine.

Development of biological pulp capping material based on the wound healing mechanism of dental pulp

 Various pulp capping materials are available in the current clinical dentistry. But, there is no material which is developed based on the biological wound healing mechanism of the dentin-pulp complex. Our research focus on discovering critical molecules to facilitate pulpal repair process and developing a new biological pulp capping agent to achieve a minimum intervention dentistry.