Dept of Fixed Prosthodontics and Orofacial Function

The Dept of Fixed Prosthodontics and Orofacial Function belongs to the Division of Oral Reconstruction and Comprehensive Dentistry.

Associate ProfessorShoichi ISHIGAKI
Associate ProfessorAtsushi MINE
Associate ProfessorTamaki NAKANO
Associate ProfessorKazumichi WAKABAYASHI
Associate ProfessorRyota TAKAOKA

■ Research Projects

  • The Dental Implant Research Group is working on clinical research of the aesthetic implant treatment, mechanical study of implant abutment assemblies and evaluating the accuracy of intra oral scanners.
  • The Craniomandibular Function and Dysfunction Research Group is working on the genetic factors of osteoarthritis in the temporomandibular joint, neuropathic pain, cognitive dysfunction of pain in patients with chronic pain, genetic and environmental factors of sleep bruxism in twins.
  • The Adhesive Dentistry Research Group is evaluating the interface between enamel/dentin and materials in the quasi-clinical situation. We are also conducting clinical research on prosthodontic treatment.
  • The Material Science Research Group is working on the research of color of natural teeth and CAD/CAM materials, and the analyses of optical properties of ceramics, resins, and human gingival tissue for in silico optical simulations.
  • The Biology-driven prosthodontics research group has been focusing on research in iPS cells and bone biology for oral tissue regeneration.
Immediate implant placement at the anterior esthetic region. (CBCT images before extraction and 1Y after prosthesis)

3D image of a temporomandibular joint

Clinical research in the field of adhesive dentistry
In silico optical analysis of dental esthetic restorations
iPS cells generated from the patient’s gingiva which was resected during a dental treatment